Child protection

Child protection

All children have the right to protection and yet millions
of children are not fully protected. Many of them deal with violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and/or discrimination every day. Such violations limit their chances of surviving, growing, developing and pursuing their dreams. Schools and communities are responsible for building a safe and child-friendly environment outside the child’s home. In the family, school and community, children should be fully protected so they can survive, grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential.

Protecting children in our community is an important part of the Just Play programme. Before implementing the sessions, it is compulsory that all Just Play teachers and volunteers carefully read, understand and sign the child protection policy and the code of conduct.

As a Just Play teacher or Volunteer, it is important to remember that promoting and encouraging respect includes the respecting children within the programme.

Protecting our Children:

While carrying out activities in a fun, engaging environment, explain to all children that it is important to:

  •  Protect themselves
  •  Not talk to strangers
  •  Be aware of their surroundings
  •  Observe and listen
  •  Seek out help when needed – nd an adult or a person you can trust and speak to them problems
  •  Avoid dangerous situations

Short Term outcomes
  • Boys and Girls will increase their knowledge of how to protect themselves from people they don’t know
  • Boys and Girls will increase their awareness of their safety when surrounded and walking home with friends and family
  • Boys and Girls are aware of their rights to be safe
  • Boys and Girls have information on where to go for help and advice in relation to harassment and abuse
Medium Term outcomes
  • Boys and Girls start taking steps to protect themselves
  • Boys and Girls are aware about their surroundings and seek help when it is not safe
  • Boys and Girls will know who to seek help from and who to report to when they face challenging situations
  • Boys and Girls help each other to keep safe at all times on the field and when walking home
  • Boys and Girls express their feelings and experiences about safety and non-safety issues with families and friends
End of Programme outcomes
  • Boys and Girls will contribute to keeping themselves, their friends and siblings safe at all times at home, in school and community
  • Boys and Girls will take the lead in passing on the child protection messages to other children