Just Play and disability inclusion

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How Just Play can help to increase opportunities for person with a disability, encourage social inclusion of persons with a disability and to change the community perception towards person with a disability?


“It is often said that when you change, the world changes”. Learning to respect everyone is a large part of the Just
Play programme. Respect and inclusion of all children is something that the programme strives to achieve. It is important that within all Just Play activities all children feel respected and valued.

Part of inclusion focuses on the inclusion of persons with special needs and persons with a disability. It is important that teachers and volunteers work hand and hand with organisations in your community that have the skills and expertise to help you safely include children with special needs and children with disabilities into your programme.

In order to ensure that every child has a positive first experience in sport, we would encourage only those programmes that have a link with Special Olympics or another organisation in your community that focuses on children with special needs or children with disabilities to include this group in Just Play activities.

Currently some countries have partnered with organisations that specialise in disability. Talk to your Project Manager to see if a partnership exists in your country and how you can involve this group in Just Play activities.

The main focus of this objective, is to increase perceptions and change attitudes of children and communities towards persons with special needs or persons with a disability. Teacher and volunteer’s role is to promote acceptance of differences and encourage children to play together.