Just Play and gender equality

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How Just Play can help to promote gender equality and change perceptions towards women and girls and to create opportunities and pathways to promote empowerment among women and girls?

It is important to that boys and girls learn to value and respect each other from a young age. Just Play has therefore been designed for boys and girls, and encourages and supports playful interaction, respect and the promotion of gender equality in all games and activities.

Just Play activities can:

  •  Change the perceptions of boys and girls towards themselves and each other
  •  Encourage girls and boys to participate together
  •  Promote respect for one another
  •  Increase opportunities for women and girls to be role models, volunteers and leaders within the Just Play structure

how can Just play do this?

  1. By having women and girls involved in all aspects of the programme
  2. By improving interaction between boys and girls and by developing respect for each other.


    Objective: Foster the development of mutual respect among boys and girls.