Just Play and NCDs

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How Just Play can help to increase healthy lifestyle Choices and to reduce the risk factors associated with NCDs?


1. By providing children with a fundamental (first) positive experience in physical activity and encouraging them to engage sports throughout their lives

Studies worldwide have shown that the first 10 years of children’s lives are the most important. This is when children first develop preferences and learn to make choices that will affect the rest of their lives. Children who have a positive experience in physical activity during this period are more likely to develop good exercise habits and to participate in sport and physical activities throughout their lives.

How can we at Just Play motivate children to be physically active?

By making each session fun and by encouraging everyone to participate no matter what their skill level, you will ensure that every child in the programme has their first positive experience in physical activity!

2. By delivering key message through interactive games and activities which encourage children to make healthy food choices

Being physically active is not enough; having a balanced diet is the other main factor in reducing NCDs. We know that regular physical activity and a balanced diet are the only ways to get obesity and certain types of diabetes. Obesity and diabetes kill too many in our region. “It’s time to take action.”


Objective: To promote and encourage active participation in physical activity. The more that children enjoy Just Play, the more physically active they will be!