OFC Just Play Grassroots in Tonga

Tonga | Over 300 children under 12 years old boys and girls from 15 communities gathered at the Home of Football for a Just Play and Grassroots Tournament. About 20 volunteers at this day promoting ‘Water is Good” by providing water for the children from their own homes. The Tonga Technical Director, Kilifi Uele together with Timote Polovili and the rest of the Just Play staff, were at the field. Just Play is supporting TongaMo’uilelei Mo’ui Fiefia promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Again, the next two weeks will be a festival and Tournament for same ages encouraging the young generation to make a change now to build a healthy future generation for Tonga.

Thanks to the Reagan Milestein foundation for donating uniforms for the 15 communities. To the New Zealand government, Australian government, UEFA foundations for children, Australia Football, UNICEF Pacific and OFC for the ongoing support for the Just Play program in the Pacific.