The Just Play programme has developed a theory of change (called also logic models) to measure the benefits or results achieved. The theory of change captures the range of activities Just Play does as a programme and relates these logically to the desired short-term, middle-term, and end programme changes. It thereby provides a framework for identifying appropriate indicators for measuring the results of the programme and progress towards its objectives.

Logic models have been developed for 6 objectives:

1. Increase healthy lifestyle choices and reduce the risk factors of non-communicable diseases

2. Promote gender equality, change perceptions towards women and girls, and create opportunities and pathways to promote empowerment among women and girls; disability inclusion, child protection, natural disaster response and hygiene and sanitation.

3. Increase opportunities, encourage social inclusion and promote a change of perception towards people with a disability in the community

4. Protecting children and ensuring that they are safe

5. Improve personal hygiene and Sanitation

6. Prepare children in case of natural disaster and assist children after a natural disaster